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PowerPoint to PDF

Sometimes the normal format of PowerPoint presentations conforms to established requirements, so it is necessary to convert such a file into another format. Today, converting PowerPoint to PDF is quite popular.

PowerPoint format

PowerPoint files are presentation files created by Microsoft Office PowerPoint. PPT file consists of a set of slides that contain text and graphics, special effects, charts, etc. With PowerPoint, presentations of any level of complexity can be prepared for use in entertainment, education, or business.

PDF Format

PDF is a file format that corresponds to all the standards for the exchange of electronic documents, including specific ones. It is impossible to imagine the modern document flow without PDF. Files of this type are widely used everywhere: at work, in school, and when creating personal projects. PDF documents support interactive buttons and links, audio and video elements, form fields and business logic, electronic signatures and much more, making them an indispensable alternative to the ppt format.

When to convert PPT to PDF

The need to convert PowerPoint to PDF may be due to a number of reasons:

  • The print quality of a document in PDF format is usually much higher than in many other formats.
  • The need to electronically sign presentations (most often in business presentations) is a powerful reason for converting PowerPoint to PDF.
  • A more convenient visual presentation on a number of media, such as some mobile devices.

Whatever the reason you want to convert ppt to pdf, you should choose the best tool for it.

How to convert PowerPoint to PDF

To convert a powerpoint presentation file to pdf, you can install specialized programs (the functionality of which is often limited), or you can use our online converter.

In the first case, you need to buy a licensed version of the program or install software on your computer. If you use our converter you don't need any of this. 

How to convert PowerPoint to PDF

The entire process of converting PowerPoint to PDF is done in a few clicks:

  • Select the PowerPoint file you want to convert on your device. If the file is not located on your computer but on the Internet, you can use remote conversion. To do this, click "Use remote URL" and paste the file URL to the address bar that appears.
  • When the presentation is uploaded, click the "Convert" button. Pay attention to the maximum allowable size of the uploaded file.
  • Wait a few seconds and then download the converted PDF to your device.

With this easy instruction you can convert PowerPoint to PDF quickly and, most importantly, completely free of charge.

FAQ about converting PPT to PDF

Can I convert my ppt presentation to pdf if it has several slides?

Our converter lets you convert a ppt to pdf regardless of the number of slides in your presentation. You will need to pay attention to the size of the ppt file. It must not exceed 5 MB.

Which operating systems can I use to convert PowerPoint to PDF?

Using our converter, you can convert PowerPoint to PDF on any operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. All you need is an Internet connection and any browser.

Are my PowerPoint files saved on your server after the conversion to PDF?

Security of your files is our priority so they are not stored on our server any longer than it is needed directly for the process of converting PowerPoint to PDF.


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