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Javascript Obfuscator

Why do I need JavaScript obfuscation?

In most cases, JavaScript code is publicly available. This means that the source code will always be subject to some threats: 

  • it may be copied and used without the author's permission;
  • the code will be vulnerable to hackers;
  • other programmers will discover the functional logic and algorithms of the program.

Javascript code obfuscation is used precisely to avoid such situations. 

What is obfuscation in JavaScript?

Simply put, Javacript code obfuscation is a technique used to convert simple, easy-to-read code into a new version that becomes hard to understand and reverse engineer - for humans and machines alike.

Without knowing what the source code looks like, it will be harder for someone who reads it to determine what the author meant. But the obfuscated Javascript code will work just as well as the source code. 

Is it necessary to obfuscate Javascript?

The main condition for using a JS obfuscator is that your source code in JavaScript must become unreadable. So when might this be necessary? Here are some real-world examples of when code must necessarily be obfuscated.

When you are selling a website template

In the websites templates marketplaces, it's important to protect your work. For example, on Themeforest, users are given a preview of the template before purchasing it. This means that you will be using HTML, CSS and JS in your work. So if you don't obfuscate the code, anyone can download the source JS from your website preview and work with them without having to buy the template.

When you use JavaScript in browser games

If you're developing browser-based video games using any JavaScript game engine, you'll probably want to protect the code from being read by other programmers or someone trying to break the rules in your game. With a JS obfuscator, the code will be much harder to understand.

Javascript minification vs. Javascript obfuscation

Javascript code obfuscation may look similar to minimization, but they are different.

Javascript code minimization is the process of compressing source code to save memory by reducing the number of characters and spaces in the code. Btw, we have amazing online Javascript minifier.

Minified code can easily be converted back to its original form using our Online Javascript Beautifier

In the case of Javascript obfuscation, you need to use the same tool that worked on the source code. This process is called deobfuscation. If you need to deobfuscate Javascript, you can use our online JavaScript deobfuscator.


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