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Javascript DeObfuscator

Deobfuscate your JS code for free with this friendly, effective JavaScript deobfuscator. 

This is the best Javascript DeObfuscator tool to help you obfuscate your  javascript code and see what's really going on. This is valuable when you want to get a clear picture of what's happening in your scripts. It also comes in handy when you want to stop malware creators and other online criminals who often use obfuscated code to hide malicious activity. 

What is Javascript obfuscation?

Obfuscation is the process of turning JavaScript code into a format that is extremely difficult for a  human to read/understand (human unreadable code). This function is performed by compressing (minifying) the original code. The purpose of obfuscation is to protect the code and make it difficult to reproduce or reverse engineer.

Obfuscation makes use of  ASCII codes to simply replace characters with letters, use non-defined names to change variable names, or overcode.

When you obfuscate a javascript code, you are protecting it from being stolen or copied. Obfuscated code is more difficult to read, making it intentionally less likely that someone will be able to read, understand or modify it. You are also increasing the performance of the code, as the obfuscator eliminates unnecessary characters and shortens code length. You can try our Javascript Obfusctator

What is Javascript Deobfuscation?

Javascript Deobfuscation is the act of turning obfuscated javascript code into human readable form. It is the reverse of javascript obfuscation. The aim is to decrypt an obfuscated code in order to retrieve the original code that is human readable.

Deobfuscation makes a code easier to understand and work with, which can be particularly useful when debugging web applications.  

How to deobfuscate javascript code using a Javascript DeObfuscator

The best way to deobfuscate javascript code is by using a javascript deobfuscator online. A js  deobfuscation tool helps you to read and understand javascript code that is obfuscated or otherwise difficult to read. The DeObfuscator will convert the code into a more readable format, which goes a long way to make it easier to debug and fix errors. 

Another way to deobfuscate code is to use a decompiler. This is a tool that will also convert the code back into a human-readable form. 

Finally, you can also use a debugger to help you understand and debug obfuscated code. 

Common issues with using javascript deobfuscators

JavaScript DeObfuscators are powerful tools. But just like any other tool, it is normal to expect  some trouble decoding obfuscated code from time to time. 

For example when you use some tools to deobfuscate javascript you will discover that in some cases, you may need to manually clean up the code so that it can be properly decoded. Additionally, you may need to be familiar with the code's structure in order to DeObfuscate effectively. 

Mirotools goes the extra mile to make sure that such issues are non-existent by offering a world class Javascript DeObfuscator to help you deobfuscate javascript online with ease. It’s quick and freely available. Take advantage and DeObfuscator your javascript.

How to troubleshoot Javascript deobfuscator online

If you're having trouble with our deobfuscator, the first thing to do is check and make sure that you're using a stable internet or that your device is free of restrictions. If you're still having troubles, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

Our online JS deobfuscator helps you to deobfuscate js codes in seconds. Just copy the code from the source, paste the code in the text area above, click the “Deobfuscate” button and you will receive the deobfuscated code in seconds. With the obfuscated code in your hands, you can understand the code, troubleshoot errors, identify and fix threats, etc.


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