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Image to Base64

How to convert image to base64 using only browser?

This how-to page will guide you through the process of converting image into Base64 encoding, making the image suitable for embedding in CSS styles and webpages.

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Press “Choose file” and choose the image file. Check that its filename has appeared in the “Choose file” field
  3. Press “Convert” and await while conversion of image to Base64 happens.
  4. Scoll down the page and find two textareas with your image encoded in Base64 for usage in IMG elements and in CSS

You’ve just converted an image to Base64. The Base64 representation of the image is now stored in your clipboard. You may paste the base64 image representation into the CSS or HTML.

Want to do this programmatically? Learn more about base64 encode and decode and start from the Base64 in every programming language page!


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