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HTML Beautifier

HTML Beautifying is the process of converting unreadable HTML code into a view where the hierarchy of HTML tags is clearly visible. In this way, beautified HTML becomes easy to edit. Turn ugly and unformatted HTML code into clearly structured clean HTML with our Online HTML Beautifier!

Why should you use Online HTML Beautifier?

There are various reasons why HTML code can become disorganized: there are minification or obfuscation of HTML code, and differences in code formatting by different developers. This is especially common when an HTML document has a lot of nested Div tags or tables. Such code is inconvenient to work with and that is where our HTML beautifier will help you.

Our online HTML beautifier will reformat ugly or minified code into easy-to-read and correctly structured HTML with indented tags. 

How to use Online HTML beautifier by MiroTools?

Simply pase your unstructured HTML code into the box and click the Beatufiy button. The output will be beautifully formatted HTML. 


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